Britain’s “pirated” IPTV blocking system

IPGuys, a popular « pirated » IPTV service, has become the latest victim of DISH Network lawyers. In a lawsuit filed in the United States, three named individuals and 10 John are accused of taking satellite signals from the discs and redistributing them over the Internet using the IPTV reseller’s network.

Those involved in selling unlicensed IPTV services appear to be under attack from an increasing number of angles.

Just this week, the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment confirmed it was behind the closure of Vader Streams, a previously popular IPTV service.

From there, DISH began dealing with some of the distributors of the IPGuys service, which offers packages to the public for about $15 a month. The major sellers are named in the lawsuit as Romie IPTV World, IPTV Bazaar, GetIPTVOnline and ipgues-live. Two secondary sellers are Napster and Miracle Media Box Media.