KT announced a plan to overhaul its IPTV platform

South Korean telecoms giant KT on Monday pledged to use artificial intelligence and virtual reality technology to change its Internet TV service to boost its position in the pay-TV market.

At a news conference in downtown Seoul, KT announced a plan to overhaul its IPTV platform to meet the changing needs of consumers.

KT says the IPTV service‘s innovation program consists of three parts: AI-based referral system, VR-assisted streaming for movies and TV shows, and IPTV’s microset box.

KT media platform business head Koo Xuanmao told reporters at KT’s headquarters in Guanghuamen: “Without personalized service, home media equipment can not provide services.” “AI can provide the answer.


LIWEST modernised its IPTV technology

Verimatrix, a global provider of security and business intelligence solutions that protect content, devices, applications, and communications, has announced that LIWEST Kabelmedien has deployed Ocilion IPTV solutions integrated with Verimatrix security for a more flexible and future-proof video delivery model. LIWEST, along with Cabeleep and Salzburg AG, became the third Austrian operator in recent months to take advantage of the combined advantages of partner companies.

Faced with the rise of streaming media, LIWEST modernized its android IPTV technology to remain at the forefront of a competitive market. The operator chose Ocilion and Verimatrix, recognizing that the partnership would primarily provide flexible one-stop solutions. In addition to supporting set-top box (STB), tablet and smartphone delivery, the deployment is a milestone for Ocilion in enabling Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV streaming.

On-premises uses Ocilion’s new homogeneous P400 Series 4K STB to provide the flexibility needed to support hybrid, FTTH, and OTT delivery models, and integrateVermatrix client support for digital rights management (DRM.). The STB Series has been certified by Verimatrix 4.0 Ultra Security, emphasizing that it is ready to fully meet the UHD security requirements set out in MovieLabs next-generation video and enhanced content protection specifications.


Kabel-TV Lampert will continue offering IPTV service

Austrian cable operator Kabel-TV Lampert will continue to provide IPTV services through Zattoo’s end-to-end solutions.

The partnership has been extended for several years. The full operation of the platform and IPTV services remains in the hands of service provider Zattoo, which also ensures continuous updates and further development.

The range of services can be expanded through additional receiving devices and will in the future include a marketing option for further network operators interested in TV products, but do not want to invest in their own hardware and software. For these operators, Kabel-TV Lampert and Zattoo will offer fully managed TV-as-a-service solutions.

“A key reason for Zattoo as a long-term partner is the company’s unique strength as an innovator. This is necessary to continuously improve our TV products and deliver them to our customers to ensure the highest quality,” said Karoline Lampert, managing director of Kabel-TV Lampert. “With Zattoo as our partner, we ensure our long-term competitiveness with major communications groups.


Videotron launches IPTV service

Quebec telecommunications company Videotron this week launched Helix, a new on-demand best free iptv platform for subscribers. Voice-activated “Entertainment and Life Management Experience” brings content from a variety of sources (linear TV channels, Netflix, Club Illico, etc.) to provide advice to users. The platform can be activated via two mobile apps, and Heineken And Heineken Fi have English and French options.

Two veteran sports network broadcasters left the network decades later to host hockey coverage for the network. Former NHL player Nick Capoue (top left), who has worked as an analyst for SportsNet since 1998, Doug Markle (right), a 10-year announcer, announced his departure via Twitter.

The play, which is from all over North America and is scheduled to premiere in 2020, prepares participants for important life events by helping them find a “real way to represent and connect with the real self.” OUTtv CEO Brad Danks called the series “the natural next step in our original programming.”


LIWEST will roll out a new multiscreen TV service

Austrian cable operator LIWEST will launch a new multi-screen android iptv service on December 1, 2018 in partnership with Austrian IPTV service provider Ocilion.

LiWEST l_uft (translated as “LIWEST up and runnig”) offers more than 90 TV channels, many of which are available in HD quality, 7-day replays, real-time pauses, and an online recorder with 20 hours of storage capacity to increase to 100 hours.

Access is available on smartphones and tablets via apps (iOS/Android), Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV, and the “LIWEST l_uft” box that supports Ultra HD.

LIWEST’s internet and TV customers pay a TV discount of 3.90 pounds a month, and based on Ocilion’s IPTV solution, pure internet customers pay 7.90 pounds a month. The box is rented for 3.90 euros per month.

With the help of “LIWEST l_uft” and “LIWEST l_uft” -Box, we set a new benchmark for our customers: TV, when and where we need it. This is our response to customer needs, which are becoming more flexible,” said G?nther Singer, managing director of LIWEST.


ACE shuts down two pirated IPTV platforms

ACE (Creative and Entertainment Alliance) is back to fighting piracy and shutting down IPTV services, this time at the end of the road. The powerful anti-piracy coalition is once again behind the scenes, managing to shut down two IPTV providers without issuing any announcements or details. Any domain attempting to access the platform will display a seizure message. They are redirected to the ACE web site, which provides instructions on how to access legitimate distribution channel content.

DripTV offers more than 500 channels from a variety of platforms, with subscriptions costing just $19.99 a month. In addition, it openly promotes its services on YouTube, and customers “recommend”, talking about its awesomeness. T.KO TV offers a larger package to run 3,200 channels on Android with 4K TV boxes and sticks.

The service even claims to offer “award-winning customer service”, as if there are any credible entities out there that will reward pirate streaming platforms for outstanding help.


BTC is considering IPTV

BTC, Bulgaria’s incumbent telecoms company, which operates under the brand Vivacom, will soon launch a trio of services.

However, according to Dnevnik, it will include Internet access, landline and mobile phones, not television.

BTC has identified the launch of best IPTV as part of its agenda, although only a small portion of its existing network is technically capable of providing services.

While Bulgaria has private IPTV services, the most famous of which is run by Vestitel, another telecoms company, it is one of the few countries in central and eastern Europe where incumbents have not yet launched.


Romtelecom seeks a reasonably priced IPTV solution

Romania’s Romtelecom is looking to neighbouring Greece to launch its long-awaited IPTV service.

ZF reports that the telecoms company may use the same technical solution as its parent company OTE, which plans to offer IPTV to Greek users with Internet access speeds as low as 2m/s.

Currently, OTE’s connn-x TV offers more than 35 TV channels and VOD for 15 euros a month, and users can surf the Internet at 8 or 24 megabits per second.

Adopting the technology will make Romtelecom’s IPTV service, which is likely to be launched for the first time before the end of the year, more affordable for users who currently charge 4.90 euros per month for 2mbps Internet access and 14.1 euros per month for 8mbps Internet access.


HBO launches KPN IPTV

Six HBO channels will be available on all three smart IPTV service platforms in the Netherlands: KPN Interactive TV, XS4All and Telfort.

Three SD and three hd channels, HBO, HBO 2 and HBO 3, will launch on KPN and XS4All on June 25, while Telfort will begin airing these channels on July 9.

HBO customers also have access to HBO Go and HBO on-demand services.

HBO in the Netherlands is a joint venture between time warner and Ziggo, the Dutch cable operator. The channel was launched on the Ziggo network earlier this year and is the first shipping agreement with another platform.


IPTV is proving slow to take off in Ukraine

IPTV has proved slow to develop in Ukraine, where the number of households receiving services legally is estimated to be no more than 150,000.

This figure, provided by IPNET CEO Dmitry Grischuk and quoted by Mediasat, is equivalent to just 2% of all broadband users.

However, the true figure is likely to be lower as the market is still in its very early stages.

Only a few companies offer legal IPTV services.

In addition to IPNET, they include TeNe T and Trinity in Odessa and mariupol, respectively.