ACE shuts down two pirated IPTV platforms

ACE (Creative and Entertainment Alliance) is back to fighting piracy and shutting down IPTV services, this time at the end of the road. The powerful anti-piracy coalition is once again behind the scenes, managing to shut down two IPTV providers without issuing any announcements or details. Any domain attempting to access the platform will display a seizure message. They are redirected to the ACE web site, which provides instructions on how to access legitimate distribution channel content.

DripTV offers more than 500 channels from a variety of platforms, with subscriptions costing just $19.99 a month. In addition, it openly promotes its services on YouTube, and customers “recommend”, talking about its awesomeness. T.KO TV offers a larger package to run 3,200 channels on Android with 4K TV boxes and sticks.

The service even claims to offer “award-winning customer service”, as if there are any credible entities out there that will reward pirate streaming platforms for outstanding help.