Romtelecom seeks a reasonably priced IPTV solution

Romania’s Romtelecom is looking to neighbouring Greece to launch its long-awaited IPTV service.

ZF reports that the telecoms company may use the same technical solution as its parent company OTE, which plans to offer IPTV to Greek users with Internet access speeds as low as 2m/s.

Currently, OTE’s connn-x TV offers more than 35 TV channels and VOD for 15 euros a month, and users can surf the Internet at 8 or 24 megabits per second.

Adopting the technology will make Romtelecom’s IPTV service, which is likely to be launched for the first time before the end of the year, more affordable for users who currently charge 4.90 euros per month for 2mbps Internet access and 14.1 euros per month for 8mbps Internet access.