Raids in Europe shut down illegal IPTV services

Police raids across Europe have broken up a sophisticated pirated IPTV operating system that illegally resells online channels. Five people have been arrested and several servers shut down after raids in Spain, Denmark and Britain.

The IPTV service operated by the gang offered customers more than 800 channels, including sports, movies and adult content. The phones start at €40 (£35) a month and can cost up to €460, according to Spanish police, who are in charge of the operation. Service is available in 30 countries, with servers in Spain, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Latvia, the Netherlands and Cyprus. A total of 66 servers were shut down in the attack.

It is estimated that the group could gain about €8m from the operation.

Europol, the eu’s law enforcement agency, said the raids were its « biggest crackdown » yet on pirated IPTV services.

Three British men have been jailed for stealing video footage of premier league matches.