IPTV drives digital growth in Hungary

Nearly half of Hungary’s digital television services are received via cable or network television.

That figure continued to rise, to 44.6 percent as of December 2016, according to data released by the regulator NMHH.

According to data from major market participants, cable TV and IPTV households totaled 2303,690 in December 2016, of which 14,61,083 were digital households.

Meanwhile, there were 8,70,688 digital terrestrial television (DTT) and 101,297 pay digital terrestrial television (DTT) subscriptions and 2,433,068 digital television (DTT) subscriptions respectively.

UPC is the leading provider of IPTV subscription, regardless of technology, with a market share of 26.9 percent, followed by Telekom at 25.2 percent and Digi at 25.1 percent.