PostTV is the largest IPTV provider and both channels

Post Luxembourg has added educational and entertainment channels ducktv and ducktv plus.

PostTV is the largest IPTV provider. Both channels are aimed at children between six months and four years old, and all users can now watch them on its “entertain me” package.

Alteox media consulting, PostTV’s exclusive content provider, is a leader in driving this partnership.

“We are all focused on the diversity of PostTV, and we are excited to begin working with partners this year to make PostTV a healthy home platform,” said CEO Sven Breckler.

Pavol Miller, executive director of Mega Max Media, which owns ducktv and ducktv plus, added: “we are very excited about the partnership with PostTV and the opportunity to bring our children’s channel to families in Luxembourg. We focus on quality experiences that are free from advertising and provide a safe environment for our small audience.”